Helping clients in the building materials industry create continuous growth through managed marketing services including brand development, digital marketing, web solutions, and creative design.

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Helping clients in the building materials industry create continuous growth through managed marketing services including brand development, digital marketing, web solutions, and creative design.

Marketing That Works As Hard As You Do

The Brand Hause team has more than 20 years of experience serving the building materials industry. We understand the unique nature of the industry, the needs and wants of your customers, and we know how to tailor your marketing efforts to help you become industry leaders.

While countless marketing agencies exist, few have the expertise that comes from living, working, and absorbing all of the rapid-fire changes in the building materials industry over the past two decades. We’re ready to help you navigate new challenges and position your products for success with marketing that drives revenue, improves engagement, and delivers real results.

National retail partnerships, distributors, retailers, professional builders, homeowners, DIY, A&D - WE GET IT.

Building Materials Experts

Brand Hause is a leader in the marketing and sales strategy of building materials products. Brand Hause was founded as a creative agency dedicated to helping commercial and residential building materials companies grow through marketing. Our globally diverse team of professionals has specialized expertise across a wide spectrum of building materials industries to provide clients with the breadth and depth of experience needed to build and grow their business.

Dedicated Marketing Partner

Based in Toronto, we partner with building industry clients of all sizes across the world to provide full-service branding and marketing that empowers them to put their focus on innovating products and other aspects of running their business that they know best.

We help our clients identify clear objectives and develop actionable strategies. Then we put those ideas into action to communicate your brand’s value proposition in ways that engage and excite your customers.

Integrated Marketing Services for the Building Materials Industry

Flexible, Agile, & Scalable

Our team is able to work as a full-service agency or integrated where needed in tandem with your existing marketing team. As your marketing partner, we also work in close alignment with your leadership, sales, and development.

We value collaboration, transparency, and adaptability and focus on the delivery of marketing that solves problems and creates value for your brand.

Passion & Grit

Creating results and helping companies grow is our true passion. We are committed to helping our clients communicate their vision through unified marketing that sets the standard for excellence, performance, and growth. From day one, we design your marketing strategy for growth using systems and processes that are then measured and optimized on a regular basis to help you achieve your goals and enable you to scale your marketing while staying lean and agile.

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Are we the right fit for your company?

Learn more about how our services and capabilities can easily adapt to varying needs to provide you with greater flexibility and efficiency throughout all of your marketing efforts.

Not seeing progress? Tired of trying to solve the same old problems day after day? A building materials marketing partner may be exactly what you need.

Not seeing the progress you want? Brand Hause can help you take control of your marketing.

Whether you’re a VP of marketing who’s been doing it all or part of a team with limited resources, partnering with Brand Hause can help you take control of your marketing, grow your business, and finally get the results you want



Brand Hause is driven by a desire to help building materials manufacturers accelerate their success. We have a client-centered approach that is based on trust, honesty, and keeping our commitments. Our team is guided by our corporate mission to work with passion and intention to uncover opportunities, discover the unexpected, and create transformative growth for our clients through branding and marketing.

We know building materials. With more than 20 years of experience providing marketing services to the building industry, Brand Hause already has a deep understanding of your customers and their pain points. We also strive to have a clear understanding of the ethos and thought processes of our business partners. We believe it better enables us to become an active and engaged part of who they are and what they do. This is why we make it a priority to immerse ourselves in our clients. No matter what the project is, our process always begins the same way: we actively listen to you and ask questions. We also encourage you to ask us questions or share concerns you might have. Our door is always open and we value feedback from our clients. We build trust by being responsive, addressing issues in real time, and quickly adapting to the shifting needs and demands of our clients. This individualized attention creates a deeper level of engagement that encourages dialogue and drives growth.

As your partner, we help you identify clear branding and marketing objectives, develop actionable strategies, and execute ideas that engage and excite your customers.

Brand Hause is more than just the services that we provide. We are a dedicated, cross-functional team that becomes an extension of your own organization. Building a strong relationship, we work for you and with you to achieve remarkable results.

No matter what the project is, our process always begins the same way: we actively listen to you and ask questions.



The Brand Hause team may be spread across several time zones but we’re actually a very tight-knit team that works closely together by leveraging the right tools and technology for projects of all shapes and sizes.

Brand Hause believes that trust and loyalty are essential to successful collaboration. We are invested in each other and invested in our clients. We support each other and work hard to ensure that we’re communicating effectively about project goals.

Being actively engaged and in the loop with everyone involved is at the core of how we work.

While our team is certainly geographically diverse, our roots run deep in the greater Toronto area. The physical headquarters for Brand Hause recently relocated from New York City to our Founder’s hometown of Toronto.

We look forward to meeting new neighbors and getting involved in the community as we rediscover everything that this vibrant and innovative community has to offer.


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